• Polarized 3D decoder  converter( support all 3d signal such as dual head, all 3D format, 2Dto3D  bluray player, USB device,3dtv channel)bluray 3d lossless decode


  • IMAX linear polarized 3D Projector+150" 4:3 3D silver metal screen +20 pieces frame 3d glasses(IMAX 3D projector sets)


  • IMAX linear polarized 3D Projector+150" 4:3 3D silver metal screen +20 pieces frame 3d glasses(IMAX 3D projector sets)


  • 2013  NEW 1500lumens Dual lens IMAX  Passive  Polarized 3D Projector---support Full HD 1080P Home projector Support Bluray player, 3DTV channel, USB 3D, PS3 3D game, 3D camera 3D project integration  3D Home Cinema 3D home theater


  • 2013 new 1500 lumens RealD circular Polarized 3D Projector support HD 1080P BLURAY +120" 4:3 3D silver metal screen +20 pieces frame 3d glasses(New 1500lumens RealD 3D projector sets  3D Home Cinema 3D home theater )


  • Frame glass for IMAX linear  polarized 3d projector-5 pieces


  • clip glass for IMAX linear 3d projector-5 pieces


  • Frame glass for Real D circular polarized 3d  projector-5 pieces


  • Dual lens RealD circular Polarized 3D Projector support bluray (LDCP200)+120 inch 16:9 silver metal screen+20pcs glasses
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Dual lens RealD circular Polarized 3D Projector support bluray (LDCP200)+120 inch 16:9 silver metal screen+20pcs glasses

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      Product Details


      Why choose us?

      Our Product positioning and advantages:

      1, the world's first polarized 3D projector less than 2000$

      2, the world's first to support USB 3D decoding 3D projector

      3, the world's first Blu-ray 3D decode support polarized 3D projector

      4, no flicker and no ghosting, more comfortable and realistic three-dimensional effect

      5, 20,000 hours RGB led lamp life time

      6, supports all 3D signal source that supports all 3D formats

      7, lightweight 3D glasses, many people share, easy to manage

      8, is a small 3D commercial, the best choice for home theater




      2013  new 1500lumens Dual lens RealD circular Polarized 3D Projector---support Full HD 1080P Home projector Support Bluray player, 3DTV channel, USB 3D, PS3 3D game, 3D camera 3D project integration  3D Home Cinema 3D home theater LDCP200


      Support Bluray player, 3DTV channel, USB 3D, PS3 3D game, 3D camera;PC,MID,MOBILE,PS3,XBOX,NOTEBOOK,3D-DV,CHROMECAST

      Support any 3d format, bluray 3d, side by side, top bottom, line by line;

      Lumen Lossless Polarized 3D technology, no crosstalk, no flicker, excellent 3d effect;

      LED color saturation, lifetime 20000 hours;

      3D glasses comfortable, cheap, easy to manage;

      Very suitable for 3D home cinema, 3D business, 3D project integration.

      Six advantage of 3D effect:


      1, Lumen Lossless, resolution lossless; 

      2, Pure polarized engine, higher polarization, so less crosstalk, better 3d effect than others;

      3, Continuous clear dynamic image, 3D image quality never discount; 

      4, No angle or distance of viewing limit; 

      5, bigger image size, better 3d effect

      6,Main parameter: 3D brightness 1500lm, 3D contrast 1500:1, Crosstalk <0.2%(3d effect index)

      Only one lumen lossless polarized 3D projector in the world, compatible for all 3D signal device, easy to use, solve all the usage problem, share your 3d life comfortably. Are you ready?


        Lumen Lossless 3D Technology
        1500 3D lumens and 1500:1 contrast ratio
        Compatible with 2D and 3D
        Rapid poweron and shutdown – saving you time and money
        Lamp life reach more than 20,000 hours
        3D digital integrated technology, support unlimited extending
      Display Technology Lumen Lossless 3D Technology
      3D Compatibility any 3D(Frame Sequential 3D, Field Sequential 3D, polarized 3D or others) for Resolutions up to 2*1080p(3D FullHD)
      Resolution native 2*XGA (2*1024*768), support 2*HDMI(1920*2205)
      3D Brightness (Typical) 1500 Lumens with 2.5 gain 3D metal screen
      Contrast Ratio 1500:1
      Lamp Life and Type 20000 Hours (STD) RGB-LED
      Throw Ratio 2.0
      Projection Distance 3.28’ to 32.8’ (1.0 to 10m)
      Image Size (Diagonal) 60” to 150” (1.52 to 3.81m)
      Offset 100%
      Displayable Colors 1.07 Billion
      Uniformity 75%
      Color Gumat 120% NTSC
      Remote Control IR Remote
      Computer Compatibility HD,UXGA, WXGA, SXGA+, SXGA, XGA,SVGA, VGA Resized, VESA, PC and Macintosh Compatible
      Video Compatibility NTSC, PAL, SECAM, SDTV (480i), EDTV(480p), HDTV (720p, 1080i/p)
      Projection Lens F=2.2, 1.1x Manual Focus and Digtal Zoom
      User Controls Complete On-Screen Menu Adjustments in 8 Languages
      I/O Connectors HDMI*2, VGA-In*1, AV-in*1
      Projection Mode Front, Rear, Ceiling Mount, Table Top
      Weight 5.1 lbs/2.3kgs
      Dimensions (W x H x D) 11.6” x9.65” x 3.35” (295 x 245x 85 mm)
      Noise Level (STD/Mute) 31dB/27dB
      Keystone Correction ±30° Vertical
      Horizontal Scan Rate 30 - 100 KHz
      Vertical Refresh Rate 50 - 85 Hz
      Operating Temperature 41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C), 85% Max Humidity
      Power Supply AC Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, Auto-Switching
      Power Consumption 150 Watts(STD), <1 Watt (Standby)
      Standard Accessories 3D glassesX 5 pieces,HDMI Cable,  Remote Control, Lens Cap, User’s Manual, Warranty Card, AC Cable
      Optional Accessories DVI to HDMI Cable,, Ceiling Mount, and Silver Screens
      Warranty 1 Year Limited Parts and Labor, 120 Days on Lamp

      Product Features:

      This product is a kind of Lumen Lossless 3D projector specially designed for 3D. Outstanding
      features include:
      Lumen lossless 3D technology realizes high 3D luminous efficiency, and low power consumption
      More life-like viewing experience without flicker or crosstalk, eyes protection andhealthy
      Digital convergence technology and pixel precision alignment technology
      VCCP model supports the RealD 3D glasses; VCLP model supports the IMAX 3D glasses
      VCLP model has top 3D effect; VCCP model has unlimited viewing angle
      The intelligent 3D technology. Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows7, Linux,Macintosh OS compliant. Any graphics cards, Notebook with HDMI I/O connector aresupported. Notebook with only VGA is supported limitedly
      Native 2*1024*768 resolution, Full HD 3D (2*1920*1080) supported. 4:3 / 16:9 aspect ratio supported
      RGB-LEDs lamp has the extremely wide color gamut that realizes rich & saturated color
      Versatile color modes (Standard, Theater, Dynamic) for optimum performance in any situation
      LED projection technology, extremely long lifetime, free to change
      Advanced digital keystone correction optimizes presentations
      Multi-language onscreen display (OSD) menus
      Support Digital Zoom

      Features of Polarized  3D Projector 
      1.Innovative 3D technology:
      Lumen lossless 3D technology designed independently by Liying tech.obtain the national invention patent ,realizes high 3D 
      luminous efficiency, and low power consumption.
      2.More life-like viewing experience:
      Amazing, life-like viewing experience. that is stronger beyond comparison than any other existing 3D display products. 
      Projection size can be up to 150 inches ,crosstalk  free or flicker free ; Absolutely sync. signals for left and right eye 
      , brilliant realistic images.
      3.Super wide color gamut:120% of the NTSC color gamut, extremely strong color expression and rich & saturated color, and rich color saturation.  38% 
      wider than the sRGB color gamut, and even 66% wider than conventional UHP lamp projectors.
      4.HD 3D: Supports HDMI 1.3  ,Full HD 1080P 3D movies and 3D games through computer by dual-screen output.
      5. Strong scalability&compatibility:For the intelligent 3D technology, support the general peripherals of PC, NB with dual  
      outputs  graphics card , and 3D photography equipment;  Windows2000、XP、Vista、win7,Linux,MacOS compliant.
      6.Extremely long lifetime for LED:
      LED lifetime is up to 20,000 hours or more, Calculated by 8H/day, it can be used continually for 6.9 years, so it can save 
      a great deal of cost from replacing conventional UHP lamp
      7.Green and healthful:
      The soft and bright LED light is not dazzling in case of 2D or dark in case of 3D; the light weight glasses with flicker-
      free from EMI, without flicker or UV radiation,are fully compliant with the national class I health standard and eye

      protection standard.
      8.Low-carbon and environmental
      Power consumption is only 96W; energy saving is 68% lower than that of 3DTV. Calculated by 8H/day, the electric energy 
      saving is high to 36 KW/H monthly,realizing the life of energy-saving and low-carbon.

      language support:English,Japanese,Spanish,Arabic,Deutsch German,French,Russian,chinese
      Projection System: Lumen Lossless 3D Technology
      Resolution: native:XGA(1024x768),Maximum:1080p(1920x1080)
      Computer compatibility: IBM PC and compatibles, Apple Macintosh, iMac
      Aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9
      Displayable colors: 10.7 Billion colors
      Projection screen size (diagonal): 60" (1.5m) – 150" (3.8 m)
      Projection distance: 7.28' (2.4m) - 21.5 ' (6.5 m)
      Throw ratio : 80"@3m (1.9 ~2.05:1)
      Horizontal scan rate: 30k - 100 kHz
      Vertical refresh scan rate: 50-85 Hz
      Keystone correction: ±30 degrees
      Weight : 4.5kg 
      Dimensions (W x D x H) :29.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 8.5 cm
      Power supply : AC input 100 ~ 240 V (auto-switching power supply)
      Power consumption: 150W (±10%)
      Operating temperature: 5ºC to 35ºC / 41ºF to 95ºF
      I/O connectors:
      • Power socket x1
      • VGA input x1
      • 3 RCA to3. 5Component video x1
      • HDMI input x2


      package contents:
      • RealD circular Polarized 3D Projector x1((LDCP200))
      • AC Cable x1
      • HDMI cable x1
      • DVI to HDMI cable x1
      • Remote control x1
      • 3D glasses x20
      • User's guide x 1

      • 120 inch 16:9 silver metal  screen x 1


      1. Free shipping  to worldwide with tracking number.
      2. Orders processed within 1-2 days of payment verification
      we will shipping to you with DHL or UPS
      Then please allow to be delivered to you within 6-8 business days.


      Product Reviews:

         RealD circular Polarized..., June 24, 2013
        Hi Look for a quality projector to supply to a company that develops amusement. What can you offer me? What guarantees the product. I need a strong performance, and reliability. If the first sample we like it, we are ready to consider your wholesale offer. Thank you.
         need 3d Projector, June 4, 2013
        Hi Mr/Mrs, I'm Tofik from Indonesia. I interested your written of opinion between VCCP and VCLP. I want to tell u my story before. Several months ago, I bought VCCP 3D circular polarized projector from other company, not from you. The shape exactly like yours. But I dissapointed, because First, they told me between VCCP and VCLP has the same effect of 3D. So I choose VCCP, because more flexible for an eye's viewing. Second, after I received and trying to operate that. Every step I follow like in manual book. But dont have 3D effect like we want. I think everyone will say that 3D must have effect like alive movie, the picture likes out from the silver screen. But I dont get that effect. And I tried to talk again, but they dissappear. I curios what the differences with circular in LG 3D TV. I saw LG 3D TV has life-like effect. Then several days next, I think to sell that projector. I take advertisement in some website. In several days until now, I have 2 person want to buy and need more than 1 unit. But they want to trying before they buy. I have no confident to explain of technical, because my trial is fail. So I write this email, I looking for partner to sell in here, because I think we have some opportunity to sell this product. But I confious to explain to our customer, we want to know how about your product. What differences of VCCP and VCLP in result effect? Please give me some technical to explain to our customer. And give me best quotation price among VCCP and VCLP. I hope we will be a good partnership. Thanks for your attention. Best Regards, Tofik
         Imax, March 10, 2013
        What imax also require the silver screen with a regular screen can

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